Lorna and I are both retired from our different careers; after working in an office before our two

eldest sons were born Lorna went back to further education , took a Teaching  Degree and

became a Primary School Teacher

I left school at 15 and became a shepherd, working mainly in Northumberland but also in

Gloucestershire and Dorset  before joining the Northumberland County Constabulary as a

Constable staying in this force through two amalgamations to reach the rank of Superintendent.

                                    During my service I was selected for the 9th Special Course at Bramshill, I was  awarded

a Leverhulme Research  Fellowship and a British Council Travel Award. I also visited Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1992, as a part of Planning for Nuclear Disasters.

Our Sons

We have three sons

Stephen was born in Gloucestershire and after a period working in agriculture he became a Blue Badge Guide for Northumbria. He is currently the site manager at Tynemouth Priory and Castle working for English Heritage.

Derek was born in Dorset and after a spell as a Civil Servant he became a Police Constable but had to retire because of injury. He is now a Physiotherapist working with the Wansbeck Primary Care Trust specialising in stroke victims.

Stuart was born in Newcastle  and after  a period as a Trainee Solicitor he joined the IT industry and is currently a manager for Tas Accounting Systems, a division of Sage Software.

Our Grandchildren

We have four grandchildren

Joshua James son of Derek.

Hannah Ellery Ruth daughter of Stephen.

Josey Anne daughter of Derek




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