I was born in  1940 and whilst aware of my immediate ancestors I did not become seriously involved with

researching  my family history until I had retired and I wanted to do something  that  would provide an

anchor for my grandchildren in this changing  world. To establish their roots and give them a place to relate to.

Me aged about 7 years old.

My dad in about 1918 or 1919 with his mother, Elizabeth Laidler

My  mam Annie  with her mother Elizabeth . This photograph was carried by my grandfather during active service in France in World War I.

A Tin-Type photograph of  Mary  my paternal great grandmother, mother of Elizabeth  (above.

Portrait of Peter Whitelock Greathead my  3 times great grandfather. Great  grandfather to Thomas , my mother’s father.

Elizabeth Yarker wife of Peter Whitelock Greathead

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