Our Pets

Being brought up in rural environment meant that animals have always played an important role in our lives As children we always had a pet invariable they were the offspring of  the farm animals, mainly puppies and kittens that we could play with until they grew older and had to earn their keep. In addition when I started work I needed a sheepdog so I trained my own..

Throughout my life I have also had more exotic pets such as a badger, jackdaw, pig and when our children were young  we had the usual hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and on one special occasion a snake. However latterly we have stuck to cats and for the last 20 years  we have remained loyal to the Siamese breed.  

Enjoying the fresh air, from the left ‘Coco’ a Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese; ‘Ali’ a Havana with beautiful green eyes; ‘Cassie’, a Chocolate Point Siamese, the mother of ‘Ali’.

‘Mikkie’ showing the beautiful blue eyes of the Siamese breed.

Lucy our  first Siamese, a Seal Point.

‘Orlando’ and ‘Mikkie’ at about six months old, both are Seal Point Siamese.

‘Orinoco’, ‘Noco’ as he is known enjoying the flowers.



Sweet repose, Lorna and Coco enjoy an afternoon nap.

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